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About Me || The Vegan Honeybee

Hello! My name is Christine and I am living in San Diego, Ca with my husband Angelo and two Sphynx Kitties named Snail and Bluebird. Angelo is an Aircraft Mechanic, Pilot, and part time student. I have a full time corporate office job working in manufacturing during the week and I intend to start school to become a registered dietitian. We have been living a Vegan lifestyle, eating a plant based diet, and practicing living green for almost 2 years. We can both attest that not only is this lifestyle easier but we have saved quite a bit on money doing it. This is a little background on me, my cooking, and how I know a Plant Based Diet can work wonders for anyone.



I am currently 30 however I have been involved somewhat in Vegan cuisine for the last 12 years. When I was 18 I got a job at San Diego's very first 100% Raw and Vegan Restaurant, "Cilantro Live!" here in Chula Vista. The food was new to me, however it was the first time in my life that I was eating real whole foods and feeling my best. My childhood acne cleared up, my constant struggles with constipation and other digestive issues quickly went away and I was really feeling amazing for the first time in my life. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 14 and never took it as serious as I should have. I was prescribed Metformin and Birth Control which really felt like they made things worse and not better. I was never given any true nutrition advice besides "go on a diet, eat 50% as much as you do now and walk 1 hour a day" I was emotional, depressed, anxious, bloated and just felt totally sick all the time.  Once I started eating a raw vegan diet I learned that diet had a lot to do with all of the complications of something so taxing on hormone levels and insulin resistance ( I will have a completely separate post on PCOS and how I have learned to manage it with a plant based diet). I went on to help Cilantro Live! expand and I managed the location in Carlsbad. I was trained in the art of Raw Vegan cuisine and I developed a deep appreciation for plants and all of the nutrition that most American diets are lacking.


Unfortunately, I was young during that time and even though I was offered such an amazing opportunity and gateway to REAL food, after about 2 years I changed directions in life and went back to an omnivorous diet. I jumped around to several jobs and even went on to become a personal chef (omnivore cuisine at that time). I slowly gained a lot of weight, my cystic acne came back full force, I developed really bad anxiety and depression, my male pattern hair growth worsened (one of the many complications of PCOS), I even had to get laser hair removal on my face and other areas because my hormones were so off balance that I could have easily grown a beard if I didn't spend hours of my day tweezing and shaving. I was totally miserable, embarrassed of my appearance and super unhappy with where I was in life.


Once my husband and I became Vegans EVERYTHING CHANGED.


In February 2016 we became vegans, it was also in the same month that we purchased our house RIGHT next door to my mom about a mile from the Bay. For some people this would be a bold and dangerous move to live so close to your parents, but for us it was the greatest purchase we would ever make. I have always been very close with my family and Angelo fits right in with all four of my siblings. My mom and I each have pretty large backyards, hers is filled with fruit trees and mine will be the vegetable garden. Eventually there will be a door in the gate connecting our yards for easy fruit and vegetable harvesting in the morning!



 In December of 2016 after a plant based diet proved to have cured all of my issues both physically and mentally was when I decided that I needed to share Vegan food with my neighbors. I talked to my mom about doing Meal Prep for friends and family and she immediately jumped on the opportunity to help me. My mother is a stay at home mom still caring for my 14 year old sister, so she was absolutely interested in helping me cook and make this dream a reality. My mom and her entire household are now about 90% plant based and if you could have seen what they were eating before you would call this a down right miracle!


Since December 2016 we have been offering 100% Vegan and Organic Meal Prep to our friends and family. This is not a business, this is a hobby and a passion that we truly get to enjoy and spreading the word about a plant based lifestyle has been nothing but rewarding. 


I have created this blog to share my story, recipes, tips on saving money while eating a Plant based diet, how to go green, composting, recycling, and living what some call a "hippie" lifestyle.


There will be much more to come, please subscribe to my mailing list to be updated on future posts and follow me on Instagram for updates and new meal prep pictures weekly!


<3 @TheVeganHoneybee



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