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I started on my "Green Dream" about 2 years ago. I am pretty certain for the first  7 months I purchased more products and supplies than I had in my entire life. I spent thousand of dollars trying to figure out what had just enough "chemicals" to work... but not enough chemicals to be a danger to me, my husband or our cats. Here is a list of things that I found and where you can find them. Here is my proof that you don't HAVE to spend a ton of money to have a healthier, less toxic home. 

So, what if I told you that the ONLY cleaning supplies I have in my home are: Old T-shirts for rags, micro-fiber towels, distilled white vinegar, essential oils, dish soap, laundry detergent and baking soda? Would you think I was totally gross and that there is no way my family is healthy or even still alive from the INSANE amount of germs and viruses spread across every service of my house? I bet your first mental image was that zoomed in computer generated cartoon video of what bacteria looks like on a counter after chopping raw chicken from the Lysol wipes commercial. Well... the truth is we are totally healthy and because we don't buy many cleaning supplies or disposable items, we can redirect those savings to the extra 10% it costs to buy all organic groceries. Its a win for our health, a win for the environment and a win for our wallets!

ECOS Dish Liquid

This dish soap is great, and for the price you can't beat it. For being vegetable derived ingredients and having great scents (like Grapefruit or Almond) you can't go wrong. 


Ecover Auto Dishwashing Tablets

These are made from natural sources, work great, and if you get spots on your dishes just throw some White Vinegar in your "rinse aid" compartment. There is also the option of not caring about spots... those spots aren't worth covering the dishes you eat off of with chemicals anyway!


Biokleen Laundry Detergent

This cleans ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY EIGHT (HE) LOADS and smells amazing. Enough said, buy it and lay off the chemicals!


Microfiber Cloths

These are my pride and joy... pretty sure this is the first place you will ever read this life hack:


Straight from the package, wash these like a regular load of laundry, just be sure you don't use fabric softener or dryer sheets. Dry them just like you would regular towels, and take them out promptly. They should be STATIC CENTRAL (this is good). Lay them all on top of each other in a pile and then roll one up at a time adding the next cloth to the outside (think a burrito within a burrito repeatedly). Eventually you have a big roll of "Paper-Looking Towels" that you can slide right down onto a paper towel holder. This burrito of towels will stay together truly is magical. Just go for these instead of paper towels and toss them in their own little laundry basket or bag in the kitchen when they are soiled. Wash them as their own load when they are all dirty and repeat the process. I have been using the same 24 cloths for about 15 months and I cant imagine how much money I've saved. (actually I could but that's math I'll do later).

Disclaimer: I have a 100% Plant Based and Vegan Household. I would not suggest wiping up any raw eggs or animal products like this. If you still use animal products that can cause food born illness you may want to stick with disposable towels and other cleaners. My advice wont work unless you have a plant based diet.


Distilled White Vinegar

Mix Distilled White Vinegar with Water and some essential oils and clean away! I totally eyeball this every time, but I would say I put about 3oz of White vinegar in a 24oz Spray bottle with some filtered water and about 20 drops of Peppermint or Spearmint oil. You can also use Lemon, Lavender, Orange etc. I use this cleaner for EVERYTHING. 

Floors, Tables, Glass, Electronics, Counters, Stainless Appliances.... Pretty much everything in my house is cleaned with this except INSIDE the toilet bowl and the bathtub. 


Baking Soda

Good Ol' Baking Soda! This is something that will always be used for just about everything to do with cleaning and for good reason! I put baking soda directly into my toilet bowl and scrub with the toilet brush, I mix a little with water and add it to the "bleach" section of my front load HE washer to boost the cleaning of whites, I clean grout and tile... anything my vinegar has a tough time with, baking soda always comes through. 


Mr. Clean Magic Erasers

Yes... Yes you heard it right. There have been so many rumors about Magic Erasers... but they are AMAZING. They are made of Melamine Polymer (a type of plastic) and... well that's it. I am sure there are other cleaning supplies and harsher chemicals that can remove soap scum from your tub but these are too good not to have. I can use ONE single Magic Eraser for about 6 months to remove the ring around my tub... I feel okay with that. 


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